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Get your own capture page to market
Your DS Domination business.

(And yes, you get to keep your leads!)

Are you looking to dominate in DS Domination? Before you do anything, you need to get this marketing system that will help you explode your sales in DS Domination.

This marketing system was designed by award-winning internet marketing funnel creator, Andrew Murray, and is based on the same funnel that took him to the #4 all-time enroller in Visalus, competing against over 180,000+ reps.

DS Domination offers an even better option for wealth-building, because I have seen first-hand that DS Domination (unlike most network marketing opportunities) actually works and you can sign people up using a system - without ever picking up the phone.

With this system, you will get not only my professionally written landing pages, you will also get access to unique training that will help you EFFECTIVELY market DS Domination - so it works for you.

Learn Marketing That Will Actually Work For You!

I have ZERO training on Craigslist - because that method is all hype.  I will only teach on marketing methods that actually work.

So it does not matter if you are on my team, or somebody else's team, this system can help you build YOUR business.

I have, for years, been a highly paid email copywriter - with literally hundreds of people paying me thousands of dollars to create their marketing funnels, to write compelling emails that tell stories, get opens and get clicks, and writing salesletters.

You get access to all of it.

Plus, we have exit pop pages on our landing pages.  Let's just say these pages only get a 30% opt-in rate (which is low), it means that you will get an extra third of the traffic you would have normally lost!

We will soon have over 80 autoresponder messages that you can use with out built-in autoresponder, or your own personal Aweber or Getresponse account. 

And not only will you be maximizing your income with DS, but we have other income generators built-into the system (nothing that will ever compete or distract your customers from DS) that will make you more money passively.

But don't believe me, listen to the man, Roger Langille, himself:

I'm here 100% to build the best, most profit-producing, high converting system on the planet.
And with this system, you can sit back and leverage the power of passive income!


Main Features:

Capture Pages:


We will be adding more shortly and are committed to delivering the marketing system for DS Domination.

This EXACT system is what I'm using and I'm on the all-time sales leaderboard - so I know it works!

ds domination leaderboard

Of course, YOU own the leads. You can export them at anytime.  We also have a built-in contact manager if you want to take your business to the next level.

You can even add YOUR OWN video to our capture pages if you want to. (Coming soon)

Autoresponder System:

We include an autoresponder system that does all the work for you. It automatically sends your leads emails reminding them about what you have to offer. Within the next 2 weeks will have over 50 professionally written messages that continue to market to your leads long after they have visited your site. Below are a list of the just some of the different messages that are sent out:

INSTANT - Thanks for joining our system
INSTANT - ~name~, The next 30 days will change your life...
Day 1 - Can you make money with eBay?
Day 2 - Pick your poison, ~name~
Day 3 - The ebay 'cash cow' loophole revealed
Day 4 - Absolute Proof This Will Work For You, ~name~!
Day 5 - Would you 'copy and paste' for $100 a day?
Day 7 - Does eBay Really Work?
Day 8 - Are you on Facebook, ~name~?
Day 9 - Can't pull the trigger, ~name~?
Day 10 - Are you on Facebook, ~name~?
Day 10 - Exclusive Bonuses - Download Here!
Day 11 - Imagine
Day 12 - Take a leap of faith and make a life changing decision...
Day 13 - I'm just an ordinary person...
Day 14 - You can't argue with proof
Day 15 - Do you suck at marketing, ~name~?
Day 16 - How To Build ANY Business On Facebook
Day 17 - Instant Listbuilding Hack [don't tell your competition]
Day 18 - Do you want to know a little secret, ~name~?
Day 28 - What they were afraid to show you [this should make you angry!]
Day 30 - Defining Greatness
Day 35 - I Never Thought I'd Do This Again...
Day 42 - If It's Going To Be, It's Up To Me... Not Realy!
Day 50 - The Power of 2
Day 55 - The Very First Lesson We Learn...
Day 56 - There Are 2 Ways...
Day 60 - There's No Excuse Anymore!
Day 63 - This Can't Be An Accident...
Day 70 - What Are You Paying For
Day 77 - Which One Of These Acronyms Is Mostly Associated With The Internet?
Day 84 - Winners And The Loosers
Day 90 - You Can't Argue Logic.



Detailed Stats:

See detailed statistics about who is visiting your pages and what type of conversion ratio your capture page has.

When you market with our system, you know exactly which campaigns are working and which are not.  This is the key to becoming a top producer in any company.


Campaign & Conversion Tracking:

Never be in the dark about what advertising methods work best. We have made it easy for you to setup ad campaigns so you can see which campaign is delivering the best results.


Advanced CRM & Lead Management:

View your leads, edit their details, leave notes, send them emails and more. We have made lead management and easy task.


Broadcast Emails and Update To Your Leads At Any Time:

Send all of your leads an email at the same time!

That's right, you can send ALL of your leads an email you create at any time.  This puts the power of your list in your hands.  One of the main restrictions of the DS Domination platform is that you can't send repeat email to your prospects - and yet people need to see the offer MULTIPLE times before they are ready to buy.


Email Tracking:

See which leads are opening your emails and which ones are clicking on the links inside of your emails.


Integrate With 3rd Party Autoresponders

Your account includes an autoresponse system so there is no need to use Aweber or GetResponse. However, if you already have an Aweber or GetResponse account and prefer to have your leads automatically loaded into your account you can. We have made it simple for you to use your Aweber or GetResponse account with your capture page.

We will be giving you a campaign share code shortly.

We are looking at adding other autoresponders like GVO, icontact, etc.


Training Resources:

We have a whole library of resources that will help you get started and turn you into a marketing guru.


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For The Next 34 People Only $97 Per Year!

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**Note: You can use this system NO MATTER who your enroller is in DS Domination.  Signup and start making more money in YOUR DS Domination Business!

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